Expand the reach of your therapy session.


The assistant app for therapists

Theratrak is a mobile app that allows therapists to capture and digitise meaningful information in therapy sessions then use this data to prescribe, monitor and send therapy home programs to their clients.


The Problem

Research suggests that the minute your client walks out the door they forget 40-80% of what their medical practitioner has told them.

Our Solution

Theratrak gives your patient digital access to the home program you prescribe so that they are better informed to continue with their treatment program.


Theratrak helps you stay connected to your patients outside of their therapy sessions.



Increase your client's motivation

By making your therapy home program simple and easy to use, you're enabling your clients to take charge of their health.


Create customised programs

Capture meaningful information using photos and videos of your clients completing activities, during their session.


Streamline your admin

Theratrak integrates with your therapy session, capturing your treatments and treatment plan for your clients to take home.


Session manager

Use our extensive database of activities to quickly and easily build your client’s program. In just one click, personalise and prescribe activities with their frequency, duration and any necessary comments.


Add rich media to programs

Go beyond paper and pen. Use Theratrak as a visual guide for your clients to follow your recommendations at home.


Client therapy platform

Clients get access to their very own platform - an engaging and motivating tool for at-home practice.


Security and privacy by design

Theratrak takes privacy seriously. The mobile app is PIN protected, data sent is fully encrypted and visible only to consenting clients.


Help your clients reach their full potential.


Are you a client and interested in trying Theratrak with your therapist? Learn about our client platform.