How to for Therapists


Let’s start exploring Theratrak

There are 3 arms to the Theratrak platform. Therapists have access to a Mobile app and Clinic portal and clients have access to the client portal.

Create customised therapy home programs for children using the Theratrak mobile app.  


Manage therapists

Manage all clinicians in one space.


Track progress

Monitor and track therapy progress of clients on the platform.


Custom activities

Capture meaningful information using photos and videos of your clients completing activities, during their session.


Take a look at the things you can do within the clinic portal 


Log in

Already have an account with Theratrak? You can log in at

Don’t have an account yet? Register here to join the platform.


Clinic admin

Create accounts for your therapists for your clinic by adding them to Theratrak.


Therapist app

Therapists will then receive and invite to register a password through their emails. They will then be directed to download the app and they can start using it with their clients in clinic.

Click here to watch an overview of the app and it’s features.


View clients

In the clinic portal you can see the list of all the clients in your clinic who are using Theratrak. 

Therapists will also be able to see their clients specific to their caseload.


Track therapy progress

Therapist can monitor and track individual client therapy treatment progress. Receiving real time feedback from clients about their completion of their set home programs.