Always have your therapist’s expertise on hand.


Your therapy programs, at your fingertips.

Theratrak allows you to take your therapists expertise home with you.


The Problem

A lack of easy access to your therapist’s sessions reduces your ability to get the most out of every treatment session.

Our Solution

Theratrak captures visual information and therapist’s notes and sends this directly to the client to enable them to easily complete their program at home.


Theratrak helps you stay connected to your therapist outside of your therapy sessions.



Get more from your sessions

Take an interactive digital copy of your session home with you to continue your treatment anytime, any place, anywhere to suit you.


Take charge of your health

Theratrak puts your therapy sessions at your finger tips, empowering you to take control of your own progress.


Your personal therapy assistant

Your personalised treatment is on hand, and you're kept on task every step of the way. You’ll never forget your home activities again.


Manage your therapy program, week by week

View at a glance, your activity schedule for the week and your key areas of focus.


Watch and review activities

Replay real footage of activities and recreate and practice at home.


Track progress

Keep on top of your programs with Theratrak's engaging and motivating progress tracking.


Your data is secure

Theratrak has partnered with Microsoft cloud storage to ensure enterprise grade security. Your account is password protected and available only to you.


Maximise your therapy sessions


Are you a therapist interested in trying Theratrak with your clients? Learn about our therapist app.