Refer a Friend

Refer an OT or Clinic to receive discounts on your subscription.

We know you love trakking as much as we do.

Now share the experience with your fellow OTs and show them how much easier home-programming can be.

As a thank you we will offer you two levels of discounts on the platform.

You can even secure 6 months FREE access.

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Level 1: Refer 1 OT or 1 Clinic

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 12.43.10 pm.png

Level 2: Refer 2 OT’s or 2 Clinics


They let us know it was you who referred them upon sign up.

Once they become an active* Theratrak user. You get your reward!


Level 1: 50% Discount for 6 months ª


Level 2: 6 months FREE ACCESS on the platform†.


Don’t have a Theratrak account yet?

No worries, click here to sign up for your free trial today.

*active user = 2 or more home programs sent from a licensed therapist account.

ª50% discount for 6 months = 1 OT or clinic referred

†6 months FREE ACCESS on the platform = 2 clinics or 2 therapists referred